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Apperient Ale.

Take roots of Succory, Male-fern, Liquorice, and the 5 opening roots, each 2 ounces; Harts-tongue, Liverwort, Ground-Ivy, Tamarisk-tops, each 2 handfuls; Juniper-berries, Sweet Fennel-seed, each 2 ounces; Raisins of the sun stoned 8 ounces; prepare these to be hanged in a bag in 4 gallons of Ale, to be fermented together.

The best way to fetch out the faculties of most ingredients is, to work the Ale together with them in it; for that now being run into a notable pungency and smartness, penetrates into their inmost substance, and soaks it, and makes it soft; and then the gentle intestine motion of fermentation knocking asunder their Vincula of mixture, they naturally fall to pieces, and separate into parts; and those parts are readily taken up into the body of the circumambient menstruum; and fill it according to its respective congruity and capacity.

But Scurvy-Grass, and such like vegetables, whose physical force lieth in a very fugitave salt, ought not to be put in 'till fermentation be past; and then must be stopped up close.

It opens obstructions, corrects torrid, acrid, salt blood, and sends off its recrements by urine. It's servicable after fevers that have vitiated the mass of blood; as also in the hot Scurvy, rickets, etc. the common dose is 1 pint twice a day.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710