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Balsam called Mirabile.

Take Frankincense 2 ounces; Mastick, Cloves, Gallingale, Mace, Cubebs, each half an ounce; Aloes Wood 1 ounces; powder and mix them with Honey half a pound; Venice Turpentine 1 pound, and Brandy, as much as is usually required to extract a Tincture. Distill them in Balneo; and when you have got all the clear Water, shift your Receiver, and then you'l have next a noble red Balsam, which rectifie.

This was communicated to me by a French Physician, who recommended it thus. A few Drops applied, Cures all curable Wounds in 24 hours; and old Ulcers, Fistula's, Cancers, Wolf in the Breast, Noli me Tangere, in 15 Days, using it daily. It is also good against the Carbuncles, and extinguisheth them in 3 Hours. One drop drop'd into the Eyes every third Day, heals all Maladies of the Eyes. 'Tis to be given inwardly from 5 to 10 Drops for all Bruises, inward Bleedings, Consumptions, and Nervous Affections. Thus Travelers will Talk, but 'tis Experience and Reason must Teach.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710