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Bitter Aromatic Ale.

Take dried Wormwood 4 handfuls, Roots of Calamus Aromaticus 1 ounce and half, Zedory 2 ounce, Spanish Angelica, Elecampane, Ginger, Galangale, Winters-bark, Cinnamon, seeds of Caraway and Coriander, each half an ounce long-pepper, Cubebs, Cardamum, Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg, each 2 drams; prepare all for 4 gallons.

It warms a cold stomach, and strengthens it when flacid, assists concoction, dissipates wind, takes off loathing, and stops vomiting. Also it exalts the blood, attenuates gross and digests crude juices, opens obstructions, and furthereth transpiration.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710