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Chalybeate Ale.

Take filings of needles half a pound; roots of Bittersweet 1 pound, mash them well together in a marble mortar, and put them into a bag for 4 gallons.

Thus a physician of good note was wont to order it; and to these may be added Sassaphras, Juniper-berries, each 2 ounces, dried Worm-wood 2 handfuls.

Let half a pint be drank twice a day, with moderate exercise; to mend to poverty of the blood, and break through obstructions.

You may Chalybeate any sort of Ale by this easy process.

Take filings of steel 1 pound, White Tartar 4 ounces; beat them in a (not brass) mortar, pouring on by little and little juice of lemons, as much as needed to bring it into a mash; after it hath remained 12 hours, tie it up in a rag, and put it (with the other ingredients) into 4 gallons; and let it all ferment together.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710