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Cock Broth.

Take candy'd Eryngo roots 2 ounces; Roots of China, Scorzonera, Currants and Dates, each 1 ounce; shavings of Harts- horn and Ivory, each half an ounce; the four greater cold Seeds, each 2 drams; Maiden Hair 2 handfuls; the bottom of a stale white Loaf, a Cock (pick'd, drawn and well bruised, so as the bones may be broken) boil all these in Barly Water, from 3 quarts to 3 pints; then having strain'd add Canary 1 pint; Electuary of Sassaphras, Juice of Kermes, each half an ounce; Syrup of Balsam, as much as sufficeth: mix them.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710