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Consummate Broth.

Take a Capon (pick'd, drawn, and cut into pieces) Sheeps Trotters and Calves Feet, each 4; Shavings of Harts-horn and Ivory, each half an ounce; yellow Sanders 3 drams; Dates 20; Raisins of the Sun stoned 4 ounces; Pearl Barley 1 ounce; boil these in Spring-Water 1 gallon to 2 quarts, adding when its almost boil'd enough, Ox-Eye Flowers dried, Herbs of Colts Foot, Maiden Hair, Sage of Jerusalem, each 1 handful; Mace 2 Blades; 1 Nutmeg, Malaga Sack 1 pint; strain it out.

Its a commodious Prescription for those that are Sickly, Consumptive, and recovering out of some long wasting Distemper; where Strength failing, rich Nourishment is requir'd, and yet the Stomach is not able to concoct solid Food; for its Digested with little trouble, assimulated without effervescence, easily distributed, soon agglutinated, and not presently dissipated by the Heat of the Body. Moreover it yields such a soft, kindly, rorid and glutinous Juice, that it qualifies the saline, hard, pricking Particles of the Blood; and so obviscates, mollifies and restrains their impetuous Torrent in the small Canals, that they cannot (by rushing and rubbing through) prey upon, and carry off the Substance of the solid Parts. A large draught may be allow'd twice or thrice a Day.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710