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Nephritic Balsam.

Take Oil of sweet Almonds new drawn 4 ounces; Oil of white Poppy and Linseed new drawn, each 2 ounces, Oil of Nutmegs by expression half an ounce; Oil of Petre 5 drams; Balsam of Capivy 6 drams; Balsam of Peru 2 drams, Oil of Juniper 4 scruple; Oil of Anniseed 1 dram; Oil of Vitriol rectify'd 1 ounce; Camphire 2 scruples.

Work them about in a large Glass Mortar 'till they are very hot, and grow black; when they are cool again, digest in Balneo 2 Days, often shaking them; and so put the Balsam up to keep for use.

But these may be sooner mix'd, by first heating the Oils a little in Balneo 'till they are united, and then while it is so; adding the Oil of Vitriol drop by drop, and stiring 'till all are embodied together.

This most excellent Balsam is found to be very effectual in pains of the Kidneys; for it sets open their Sluces, and makes the Ureters slippery, and provokes Urine, and moves the Stone. Also it cures the Maladies of the Chest, for it helps Expectoration, and stops a Cough.

Its Dose is from 10 to 40 Drops, in Syrup of Marsh-Mallows or pectoral Decoction.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710