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Purging Hydropic Ale.

Take roots of common Flower de Luce 4 ounces; Horse Radish 2 ounces; Elecampane, Squills, each 1 ounce; Mustard seed, Juniper-berries,sassaphras, each 2 ounces; Winters Cinnamon half an ounce; inner rind of Elder, and dwarf Elder, each 2 ounces; Senna 4 ounces; black Hellebore root, Jalap, agaric, each half an ounce; dispense for 4 gallons.

It contains ingredients (besides the Catharticks) of subtle parts, which referate obstructions, and force Urine. It's exactly suited for the cure of a dropsie, and is to be drank every morning, from half a pint to a pint.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710