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Scheffers Balsam.

Take Volatile Salt of Hartshorn and of Sal Armoniak, each 1 dram; Chymical Oil of Mace 1 scruple; highly rectify'd Spirit of Wine 1 ounce; Digest according to Art.

Its a sort of Sal Volatile Oleosum, to be Dosed from 20 to 30 drops, and taken in a Vehicle suitable to the intention, against Pituitose Distempers of the Brain and Neves; Stuffing and Heaviness of the Head by a Cold, Palsy. As also against Palpitation of the Heart, Hypochondriac and Hysteric Affections.

In a word, it may be useful where ever Volatile enlivening Salts are indicated.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710