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Splanchnic Ale.

Take Guaiacum, Sassaphras, each 2 ounces; boil them in water 1 gallon to 2 quarts; put the strained liquor into a cask with new strong Ale 3 gallons and a half; and hang a bag into it with the following ingredients to work together.

Take roots of sharp pointed Dock 8 ounces; Horse-radish 4 ounces; Ash-tree bark 2 ounces; Juniper berries 1 ounce; Seeds of Daucus and coriander, each half an ounce; Agrimony, Liverwort, Harts Tongue, Tamsrisk tops, each 4 handfuls: Prepare all to be put into a bag.

It removes Atrabilarious Humours stagnating in the Viscera, and causes them to be absorp'd by the circulating mass: It openeth the obstructions, and discusseth the Tumours of the spleen, quieteth and supresseth convulsive corrugations of Fibres; and upon these accounts, admirably relieveth Hypochondiac persons, if they continue its use as daily drink, for a long time.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710