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A Bath for the Gravill

If you can readily get them white lilly roots bruised 2 handfulls and the same quantity of mersh mallow roots slitt thin and bruised mallow leaves and pellitory o f the wall of each 8 handfulls brok between your hands, chamomel 4 handfulls, rue 2 handfulls, wheat bran a peck or more sowed in a bag. Boile all in a large kettle of water until1 the water is slimy, then put it into a large deep tub with the bran and herbs and put to it so much cold water as will make it but blood warm. So let the archdeacon sit in it to his middle half an hour or more. He must drink of his mallow posset while he is in it. After he is come out of it he must be lapt in a warm sheet and dryd to so put on his shift.

Rev. William Twigge
Notebook 1715