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The Ingredients of the Purging Ale

Take 6 ounces of senna Alexander, 6 ounces of polypodium of the oake, two ounces of bay berries huld, 2 ounces of anyseed, 12 drams of rhubarbe or if it be English rhubarbe halfe the quantity, 3 ounces of ashe keys bruised, 2 ounces of sasafras wood, one ounce of sarsaparella, 2 ounces of saldanella. All these must be bruised into gross powder except the senna. Then take 4 gallons of the first sprouting of strong worte, tun it up in a stand and put the above named ingredients into a canvas bag with hazelstick through the bag soe that the end of it may be out of it two inches below the botome of the bag or else put a stone in it to keep it from floating on the top with the barme and hang it soe it may come within 2 inches of the bottome of the vessell. Put barme to it and within two or three days as soon as it hath done working it will be fit to drink.

It must be drunk spring and fall for a month together, in the morning fasting half a pint and about eleven a clock take a little warme broath, goeing to bed take 3 parts of a half pint and nothing after it.

Rev. William Twigge
Notebook 1715