Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Twigge's Notebook: Snaile Water

To make the Snaile Water for the Consumsion or Cough of the Lungs

Take 2 quarts of house snails well washt in water and salt five or six times over, their heads being cut off, one quart of earth wormes washt as the snailes, chickweed, mallows, maidenhair, coltisfoot, hysop, aspeckane, liverwort, white horehound, ground ivey, hartstongue, wild time and the tops of rosemary, of each one handfull.

Pick and cleanse all these herbs very well and chop them with the snails and worms. Steep them well cleansed in red cow's milk for a whole night and let the milk cover them a hair's breadth. Add to these one pound and a halfe of the best raisens of the sun stoned and bruised, one pound and a halfe of the best figgs slit and bruised.

Then add a capon slaid and bruises to mash, two young pigeons slaid and bruised to mash, 4 ounces of liquorish scraped and bruised, 2 handfulls of parsly roots sliced and bruised. Then cover all the above named things ordered as above in a hand's breadth of red cow's milk in your limbeck pot, then put on your limbeck lid and let them stand and steep some time. Be sure to past your limbeck head that noe aire come out.

Then draw our water with a pretty quick fire and put white sugar candy in the mouth of your receiver in a fine cloth for your water to run through. You must: tak off your limbeck head for fear of burning.

You may draw 5 or 6 quarts of water from the above quantity. You must put into each bottle of water an ounce of white sugar candy in powder. You may drink a glass of this water thus prepared morning and evening for some time and you will finde effects from it.

Rev. William Twigge
Notebook 1715