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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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The White Diet.

Take Milk 2 quarts; the Breast of a Capon boiled, Sweet Almonds blanch'd and well pounded 2 ounces; beat and mash all in a Marble Mortar, strain and wring it out hard; to this add Rice Meal sifted 3 ounces, boil it, and when it begins to grow thick, add...


A Bechic Draught.

Take powdered Gum Arabick half a dram; dissolve it over the Fire in Scabious and Barly Cinnamon Water, each 1 ounce and half; then add Mithridate, Diascordium, each 1 scruple; Lohoch Sanans 1 dram; Diacodium half an ounce or 6 drams, mix.

A Camphorate Draught.

Take Camphire (rubbed, and dissolved in a Mortar with a few drops of Oil of sweet Almonds) 8 grains; Corn Poppy water 3 ounces; Syrup of Marsh Mallows 6 drams; Sugar of Lead 2 grains, mix.

A Cardiac Draught.

Take black Cherry Water, Alexiterial Milk Water, each 1 ounce; Mint Water 1 dram; Epidemial, Piony compound Waters, each 2 drams; Confection of Alkermes 1 scruple; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop; Syrup of Gilly Flowers 3 drams; mix.

A Cephalic Draught.

Take black Cherry water 3 ounces; Compound Piony water, Syrup of Piony compound, each half an ounce; Tincture of Castor 30 drops; Liquid Laudanum 15 drops; Cinnaber of Antimony (or rather native Cinnaber) 1 scruple, mix.

A common Paregoric Draught.

Take black Cherry water 2 ounces and a half; Epidemial and strong Cinnamon Water, each 2 drams; Syrup of Meconium 1 ounces, mix.

A Consolatory Draught.

Take Waters of black Cherries 2 ounces; of Mint, Damask Roses, Orange flowers Coelestis, each 1 dram, strong Cinnamon, and compound Piony Waters, each 2 drams; Confection of Alkermes, Gascoin powder, each 1 scruple; Oil of Cloves 1 drop; Syrup of Gilly...

A Diaphoretic Draught.

Take of Carduus water 2 ounces and half; Epidemial, Treacle Water, Syrup of Meconium, each half an ounce; Diaphoretic Antimony 1 scruple; Venice Treacle 2 scruple; Spirit of Sal Armoniac 10 drops, mix.

A Diuretic Acid Draught.

Take Horse Radish water compound 1 ounce and half; Brandy, Juice of Lemons, each half an ounce; Syrup of Violets 1 ounce; mix.

A Diuretic Oleose Draught.

Take French white (or Rhenish) Wine 4 ounces; Oil of sweet Almonds 1 ounce; Oil of Turpentine 20 drops; white Sugar half an ounces, mix.

A Draught against the Whites.

Take the white of an Egg, beat it up very well with strong Cinnamon Water 1 ounce.

A Draught for a Bruise.

Take Canary 4 ounces; Oil of Turpentine 10 drops; Sealed Earth, Dragons Blood powder'd, each 1 scruple; white Sugar 2 drams, mix.

A Draught for a Catarrh.

Take Colts foot water 6 ounces, white Sugar Candy powder'd 6 drams; Yolks of 2 Eggs: Having beat them up together, and set them over a gentle Fire, stir and mix them well, and give it the Patient just as he goes to Bea.

A Draught for Gravel.

Take Juice of Parsly 1 ounce and half; Brandy half an ounce; Oil of Aniseed 2 drops; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 8 drops; white Sugar 2 drams, mix.

A Draught in a Vulnerary Fever.

Take Alexiterial Milk water 2 ounces and half; Treacle water, Vinegar, each 6 drams; Crabs Eyes levigated 2 scruple; Diaphoretic Antimony 1 scruple; white Sugar Candy 2 drams; Oil of Turpentine 4 drops, mix.

A Draught in the Small Pox.

Take Cochineal whole 1 dram; boil it in Allexterial Milk water 4 ounces to 3; in the strain'd dissolve Diascordium, from 1 scruple to 1 dram; Diacordium 6 drams; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop, mix.

A Draught of Hounds Tongue.

Take Juice of Hounds tongue half an ounce; Corn Poppy water 1 ounce and half; white Sugar 2 drams; Oil of Aniseed 1 drop, mix.

A Draught of Volatiles.

Take Volatile Salt of Harts-horn half a scruple; Salt of Amber 5 grains; Canary Wine 4 ounces; Oil of Nutmegs 2 drops; white Sugar 2 drams, mix.

A Febrifuge Draught.

Take Carduus water 3 ounces; Treacle water, Syrup of Meconium, each half an ounce; Diascordium half a dram; Salt of Wormwood 1 scruple; Spirit of Salt Armoniad 15 drops; Oil of Cloves 1 drop, mix.

A Japanic Draught.

Take Frog Spawn water 2 ounces; Syrup of dried Roses 2 drams; powder'd Japanic Earth 1 scruple; Sugar of Lead 4 grains; Oil of Cinnamon 1 drop; Liquid Laudanum 20 drops, mix.

A Milky Draught.

Take Yolk of an Egg, brown Sugar Candy powder'd fine 6 drams; red Roses water 1 ounce; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drops; mix these thoroughly well, make them Blood warm, and add Milk just from the Cow a quarter of a pint.

A nitrous Draught.

Take red Poppy water 3 ounces; Salt Prunel powder'd fine 1 dram; Syrup of Violets 1 ounce, mix.

A Peruvian Draught.

Take Carduus (or Alexiterial Milk) water 2 ounces ; Epidemial Water, Syrup of Gilly flowers, each 2 drams; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop; very fine powder'd Peruvian bark 1 dram, mix.

A Pleuritic Draught.

Take fine powder'd Olibanum (or instead of it fine black Rosin) 1 dram, mix it well in a Mortar with the Yolk of an Egg, to which add Diacodium 6 drams; red Poppy water 1 ounce and half; Oil of Anniseed 2 drops; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 12 drops, mix.

A Preparing Draught.

Take Rhenish (or French white) Wine 3 ounces; powder'd Cream of Tarter 1 dram; Syrup of the 5 opening Roots and Oxymel of Squills, each half an ounce, mix.

A Refrigerating Paregoric Draught.

Take red Poppy water 2 ounces; Frog Spawn water, Syrup of Lemons, each 1 ounce; Liquid Laudanum 25 drops, mix.

A Saccharine Draught.

Take Damsk Rose, and Barly Cinnamon water, and powder'd brown Sugar Candy, each 2 ounces; dissolve it over the Fire for a Draught, to be taken at Bed time.

A Saponaceous Draught.

Take Venice Soap (scrap'd very thin) from 2 scruple to 4; boil it in Cows Milk from 6 ounces to 4; then add Sugar 3 drams, and strain it.

A Styptic Draught.

Take Plantain, Frog Spawn water, each 1 ounce and a half; Barly Cinnamon water, Wine Vinegar, each 3 drams; Syrup of white water Lilies half an ounce; Astringent Crocus of Mars half a dram; Sugar of Lead 5 grains; mix.

An Alexipharmac Draught.

Take Alexiterial Milk Water 3 ounces; Epidemial, Compound Piony Water, Syrup of Gilly flowers, Syrup of Saffron, each 2 drams, Diascordium, 2 scruples; Goa Stone 1 scruple, mix.

An Antemetic Draught.

Take stong Cinnamon Water, Syrup of Lemons, each half an ounce; Salt of Wormwood 1 scruple; Oil of Nutmegs and Cloves, each 1 drop; Liquid Laudanum 20 drops, mix.

An Astringent Draught.

Take Waters of Plantain 2 ounces; Mint ahlf an ounce; strong Cinnamon 1 ounce; Syrup of Meconium 6 drams; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop; Diascordium half a dram; Bole 1 scruple; Balaustines half a scruple, mix.

An hemoptoic Draught.

Take Plantain water 4 ounces; Wine Vinegar, Syrup of Comfrey, each half an ounce; the white of one Egg beat up, mix.

An Hydragogue Draught.

Take Cambogium powdered, Cream of Tartar, each 14 grains; Oil of Juniper (well mixed with white Sugar 1 dram and an half;) 3 drops; white Wine 3 ounces, mix.

An Hysteric Draught.

Take Penny-royal water 2 ounce; compound Bryony water 3 drams; Tincture of Castor 1 dram; Juice of Rue half an ounce; Syrup of Mugwort half an ounce, mix.

An Oleose Draught.

Take new drawn (not rank) Linseed Oil 3 ounces; Oil of Anniseed 3 drops; Syrup of Maiden hair 1 ounce; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 12 drops; mix.

Our Bitter Draught.

Take Waters of Carduus 2 ounces; of Mint and strong Cinnamon, each 2 drams; of Gentian compound half an ounce; powdered Virginia Snake root 1 scruple; mix.

Riverius's Febrifuge Draught.

Take Succory water 3 ounces; Salt of Wormwood half a dram; Spirit of Vitriol 20 drops; or rather as much as is found sufficient to ballance the Salt.