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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Cardiac Eleosaccharum.

Take Oil of Cinnamon 6 drops; Saffron, Musk, Ambergrise, each 3 grains; white Sugar 45 grains; make it into a powder to be divided into 6 Doses, and given in a fitting Vehicle.


A Anodyne Elixir.

Take Camphire, Myrrh, Saffron, each half an ounce; Contrayerva root, Cloves, each 1 ounce; Opium 2 drams; Spirit of Wine rectify'd without Heat (after describ'd) 20 ounces; Digest in a Dunghil 6 weeks then Decant the clear Liquor for use.

A Cathartic Elixir.

Take Senna 6 drams; Rhubarb 2 drams; Liquorice 1 dram and half; Aniseed, Caraways, each 1 dram: Cochineal 1 scruple; Saffron half a scruple; Brandy 12 ounces; Aqua Miribalis, Cinnamon water, each 2 ounces; after due infusion, strain and add Syrup of Roses...

A Stomach Elixir with Cinnamon.

Take Elixir Proprietatis tartaris'd 3 drams; Oil of Cinnamon 12 drops; mix.

A Stomach Elixir.

Take Elixir Proprietatis tartaris'd 3 drams; Oil of Cloves, Nutmeg, each 6 drops; Oli if Mint 2 drops; Oil of (137,138) Wormwood 1 drop; mix.


Emetic Forms.

Take luke warm Water 1 pint; Oil of Olive (or sweet Almonds) 4 ounces; mix for a Draught.


A Balsamic Emulsion.

Take Balsam of Tolu 6 drams; decoct it in fine Barly water 3 pints to 1 quart, when it's cold strain it, adding sweet Almonds blanch'd 6 drams; Balm of Gilead 16 drops; white Sugar 1 ounce; make an Emulsion according to art.

A Cathartic Emulsion.

Take Rosin of Scammony, (or Scammony powder'd fine) half a scruple, or as much as suits the Patient's Constitution; Yolk of Egg 2 drams; white Sugar 1 dram; Damask Rose, and Barly, Cinnamon Water, each 6 drams; mix for one Dose.

A Common Emulsion.

Take sweet Almonds blanch'd, Cucumber, and white Poppy Seeds, each half an ounce; refined Sugar 1 ounce; beat these all together in a marble Mortar, 'till they are almost like Paste; then adding fine Barly Water, by little and little, a quart, and make an...

A Cordial Emulsion.

Take Epidemial and compound Piony Water, each 4 ounces; Citron seeds half an ounce; make an Emulsion, to which (when strained) add Sugar of Pearl 3 drams; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop, mix. In malignant Fevers, let the Sick take 2 or 3 spoonfuls twice ot thrice a...

A Pacific Emulsion.

Take white Poppy seed 2 drams; 1 sweet Almond blanch'd, with red Poppy water 3 ounces and half and make an Emulsion; to which add Mint water 1 dram; Diacodium 3 drams; for a single Dose.

A Styptic Emulsion.

Take Comfrey root, cut into thin rundles 4 ounces; boil it in water 3 pints to 1 quart; strain out the Liquor, with which and sweet Almonds blanch'd, white Poppy and Henbane seeds, each half an ounce; white Sugar 1 ounce; make an Emulsion, and dissolve it...

An Emulsion with Harts-horn.

Take Decoction of burnt Harts-horn (not clear but white) 1 quart; sweet Almonds blanch'd, white Poppy seeds, each half an ounce; make an Emulsion, to which (when strained) add strong Cinnamon Water 2 ounces; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop; fine Sugar 1 ounce, mix.

Brunner's Emulsion.

Take Gum Ammoniacum 1 dram and a half, having dissolv'd it cold in a Mortar, in Hysop Water 4 ounces, and Rhenish Wine 2 ounces; strain it out for 2 Doses.

The Arabic Emulsion.

Take Gum Arabick 1 ounce; bruise and boil it in fine Barly water 1 quart; 'till it be wholly dissolved; with this solution, and Mallow seed, white Poppy seed, and sweet Almonds blanch'd, each half an ounce; make an Emulsion according to art; to which add...


A Cordial Epithem.

Take Queen of Hungary's Water 6 drams; compound Spirits of Lavender, Spirit of Saffron, each 2 drams; Apopletic Balsam 1 scruple; Oil of Cloves 10 drops; mix.

A Saponaceous Epithem.

Take the Spirit that comes over first in the Distillation of Magistral Worm water 6 ounces; Spirit of Scurvy grass 2 drams; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 6 drams; Venice Soap scraped thin 1 ounce and half; Camphire 6 drams; opium 1 dram; Saffron half a dram;...

An Aluminous Epithem.

Take burnt Alume powder'd half an ounce; Nutmeg 1 dram; honey of Roses as much as is sufficient to make it of the Consistence of an Ointment, which spread upon Paper, and bind upon that side of the Face that is in pain, with a convenient Cloth.

An Anodyne Epithem.

Take Brandy 4 ounces; Camphire half a dram; Opium 2 drams, dissolve.

An Epithem of Calx.

Take Calx 2 ounces; thin Honey as much as id sufficient to bring it to the consistence of an Unguent, to be spread upon Leather, applied to the part affected, and renew'd as often as it grows dry.

An Epithem of Sugar of Lead.

Take Vinegar half a pint; Sugar of Lead 1 ounce, dissolve.


A Chymical Errhine.

Take Turbith Mineral half a scruple; powder of Liquorice half a dram; Nutmeg 1 scruple; Oil of Rosemary 2 drops; make it all into a powder, to be snuffed up into the Nose in a very small quantity.

A solid Errhine.

Take Confectio Hamech, powder'd Scammony, each 2 drams; Euphorbium 16 grains, make it into a Mass like Paste, out of which form longish Pellets to be thrust up the Nose, and to be kept an hour with a Mufler.

A Vitriolic Errhine.

Take Marjoram water (or Thea made with Marjoram) 1 ounce; dissolve in it Salt of Vitriol half a scruple.

An Errhine of Elaterium.

Take powder'd Elaterium 4 grains; Langius's Water 1 ounce; Oil of Nutmeg 2 drops; mix.

An Errhine of Juices.

Take leaves of Honey suckle 4 handfuls; Primrose 3 handfuls; Betony 2 handfuls Marjoram 1 handful; stamp these and strain out their Juice.


A Cordial Hysteric Essence.

Take the Oil of Cloves 30 drops; Oil of Almonds 6 drops; Oil of Aniseed 4 drops, mix.