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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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1. Plaister against Abortion.

Take Plaister for Ruptures 1 ounce; Cerate of Sanders, Countesses Unguent, each 3 drams; Oil of Myrtle 3 drams and half; Wax half an ounce; to these (when melted) add the following Powder, Viz. Dragons Blood. Mastic, Bole, Galls, Bistort Root, each half a...

1. Splenetic Plaister.

Take Plaister of Cummin, Melilot compound, Gum Tacamahacca, each 2 drams, Plaister of Hemloc, with Ammoniac, Balsam of Peru, each 1 dram, mix.

1. Stomach Plaister compound.

Take Magistral Stomach Plaister half an ounce; Tacamahac colated 2 drams; melt, and them add powdered Balsam of Tolu I dram; Dragon's Blood, Balsam of Peru, each a dram; Oil of Nutmeg, Cloves, each 2 drops; Oil of Aniseed 1 drop, mix.

2. Plaister against Abortion.

Take Plaister for Ruptures (or Coesar's) Diapalma, each I ounce; Cyprus Turpentine half an ounce; make it into two Plaisters; one for the Back, the other for the Belly.

2. Splenetic Plaister.

Take Plaister of Cummin 3 drams, Oxycroceum, Tacamahacca strained, each 1 dram and half; Oil of Sassafras 3 drops, mix.

2. Stomach Plaister compound.

Take Tacamahac colated, 7 drams; powdered Mint, Balaustines, each half a dram; Oil of Cloves, Nutmeg, Anise, Amber, eash 2 drops, mix.

A Balsamic Plaister.

Take Diapalma 2 ounces; Cyprus Turpentine, yellow Wax, each half an ounce; melt these together, and add Oil of Numeg 16 drops; powdered Balsam of Tolu 1 ounce, mix.

A Cephalic Plaister.

Take Plaister of Betony half an ounce; Caranna, Tacamahacca, each 3 drams; powdered Balsam of Tolu 2 scruples; Balsam of Peru ( or Capive) 1 scruple, mix.

A Dorsale Plaister.

Take Rupture Plaister, Diapalma, each as much as you please, and melt them together.

A Febrisic Plaister.

Prick a piece of white Leather all over with the sharp point of a Knife; strew upon it powdered Frankincense, melt it with an hot Spatula, and then over that spread Turpentine.

A Frankincense Plaister.

Take Frankincense 2 drams; Tacamabacca 1 dram; Saffron powdered half a scruple; Venice Turpentine sufficient, mix.

A Lateral Plaister.

Take Cummin Plaister 1 ounce; Camphire 1 scruple; Oil of Aniseed 16 drops, mix.

A Nephritic Plaister.

Take powdered Opium 2 drams; soft-Soap 1 ounces; Oil of Juniper half a dram, mix, and Lay it to the Region of the Reins.

A Pectoral Plaister.

Take Tacamahacca strained half an ounce; Yellow Wax 2 drams; melt together, and add powdered Benjamin, Storax Calamite, each I dram; Saffron half a scruple; Oil of Aniseed 8 drops; Oil of Nutmeg, Cloves, each 4 drops; mix artificially.

A Plaister for the Feet.

Take Cephalic Plaister 3 drams; hard Pitch 2 drams; powdered Euphorbium 2 scruples; Camphire and Oil Amber, each 1 scruple mix.

A Plaister for the Loins.

Take Vigo's Plaister of red Lead 2 ounces; Diapalma (prepared with Oil of Roses instead of Hog's Lard) 1 ounce and half; Caranna (Dissoved in Vinegar of Roses, and strained) half an ounce; Bole, seated Earth, Mastic, each 4 scruples; Cyprus Turpentine 1...

A Plaister for the Temples.

Take Caranna 1 dram; Spread it upon a fitting piece of Leather, and put in the middle of it Opium 2 grains; Oil of Amber 4 drops.

A Plaister with hiera.

Take Aloes, Myrrh, each 1 dram; Species of Hiera, Venice Treacle, each half a dram; Chymical Oil of Wormwood 4 drops; Ox Gall 1 scruple; Honey as much as sufficient.

A Plaister with Marjoram.

Take white Pitch half an ounce; powdered Majoram half a Dram; Euphorbium 5 grains, mix.

A Plaister with Pellitory.

Take Galbanum colated, Sagapenum, Ammoniacum (dissolved in White Wine, and strained), each Iounce, powdered Pellitory of Spain, Mustardseed, each half an ounce; Wax 1 ounce and half, Venice Turpentine a sufficient quantity, mix.

A Pleuritic Plaister.

Take Stictic of Paracelsus, Shop Plaister, each 1 ounce; Poplar Ointment 1 ounce and half, melt them over a gentle Fire, continually stirring with a Spatula; then take off, and when it begins to grow coldish, add Camphire in Powder 3 drams, and make it up...

A Quinsy Plaister.

Take Diachylon simple 3 drams; Chymical Oil Of Wormwood 18 drops, mix.

A Spinale Plaister.

Take Diapalma half an ounce; Oxycroceum 2 drams; Oil of Amber 12 drops, mix.

A Volatile Plaister.

Take fine Venice Turpentine 1 ounce; work it with a Pestle in a Mortar, pouring in by little and little, Spirit of Salt Armoniac, 'till it hath taken up its own Weight of it; labour it very well, till it unite into a white Emplastic Body.

An Anodyne Plaister.

Take Red Lead Plaister 4 ounces; Oil of Lilies half an ounce; Venice Turpentine 2 drams; Opium, Camphire, Sugar of Lead, each 2 scruples, mix.

An Apoplectic Plaister.

Take Galbanum, Opopanax, Pellitory of Spain, Mustard seed, long, Castor, each 1 dram and half; Venice Turpentine 3 drams or as much as suffuceth; adding Oil of Amber 1 scruple, mix.

An Arthritic Plaister.

Take Gum Elemi, Colophonia, Burgundy Pitch, each 2 ounces; powdered Red Lead, Mastic, Olibanum, Bole, each 2 drams; Oil of Petre, Spike, Anise, each 1 dram and half, mix.

An Epispastic Plaister.

Take white Pitch 8 ounces; Venice Turpentine, Cantharides finely powdered and searced, each 2 ounces and half, mix.

An hydropic Plaister.

Take the Soap Plaister 2 ounces; Oil Of Aniseed, Potroleum, each half a dram, mix.

An Icteric Plaister.

Take powered Saffron 2 drams; make a Plaister of it with Honey, which spread upon a piece of Leather, and lay it so as to cover the Region of the Liver and Navel.

An Ischiatic Plaister.

Take white Pitch 2 ounces; Galbanum 1 ounce; Sulphur vive 2 drams; Amber 1 dram; Hermodactyls, Orris root, Cummin seed, Camomile flowers, each half a dram, make it up into a Mass with Petroleum.

Mastic Plaister compound.

Take Mastic, Gum Juniper, Nutmeg, Cloves, each 1 scruple; Labdanum 6 drams, work it with an hot Pestle and Mortar, with a sufficient quantity of Oil of Mastic into a Plaister.