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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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Attempering Juice.

Take Dandelion, as much as you think fit, pound it to a Mash, put it into a glazed Pipkin with a Cover, stop it up with Past, set it in an Oven after the Bread is drawn; let it stand in six hours, then putting it into an Hair Seive, let the clear Liquor...

Juice for the Haemorrhoids.

Take the Juice of Yarrow depurated, 1 pint; White Sugar 2 ounces, mix.

Juices for a Dropsie.

Take green Plantain Leaves 4 handfuls; Liverwort, Brooklime, each 2 handfuls, having pounded them in a Stone-Mortar, add Horse-Radish water compound, half a pint, and wring it out hard through a Cloth.

Scorbutic Juices.

Take Juice of Plantain, Brooklime, Water Cresses, Dandelion, each 1 pint; of Sorrel, Lemons, and Whitewine, each half a pint, let it stand (in a Cellar) till the thick part subside; then having decanted the clear Liquor, add to it Horse-Radish water...


A Camphorated Julep.

Take Water of Elder Berries and Black Cherries, each 6 ounces; compound Bryony Water 1 ounce; then fire 4 scruples of Camphire, and quench it in this Mixture; fire and quench it again and again, till the Camphire be quite consumed; at last add Syrup of...

A Carminitive Julep.

Take White Wine 4 ounces; Waters of Camomile Flowers and Rue, each 3 ounces; compoud Piony water 1 ounce and half; White Sugar 6 drams; Oil of Juniper 24 drops, mix.

A Cephalic Julep.

Take Waters of Black Cherries 4 ounces; of Rue 3 ounces; Piony compound 2 ounces; Bryony compound 1 ounce; Tincture of Castor, Spirit of Lavender compound, each 2 drams; Oil of Nutmeg 4 drops; Syrup of Piony compound, 1 ounce and half; Powder called de...

A Chalybeate Julep.

Take Fennel and Parsly Water, each 12 ounces; Salt of Steel 2 drams, having throughly dissolved it at the Fire; set it by 24 hours, and poured off the clear, add to it compound Radish Water, Syrup of the 5 Roost, each 4 ounces; Spirit of Scurvygrass,...

A Cordial Julep.

Take Waters of Baulm, Black Cherries, each 3 ounces; of Barly Cinnamon 2 ounces; Epidemial 1 ounce and half; of Piony compound, Syrup of Gillyflowers, each 1 ounce; Syrup of Lemons half an ounce; Confection of Alkermes 4 scruples, mix.

A Diuretic Acid Julep.

Take Rhenish Wine 1 pint; depurated Juices of Pellitory of the Wall, and of Lemons each 2 ounces; Cleaver Water, French Brandy, Syrup of the Five opening Roots, each 4 ounces, mix.

A Diuretic Aromatic Julep.

Take White Wine 8 ounces; Fennel Water 4 ounces; Radish Water compound 3 ounces; Tincture of Salt of Tarter half an ounce; Oil of Juniper 24 drops; Oil of Aniseed, Oil of Nutmeg, each 8 drops; White Sugar 1 ounce. mix.

A Diuretic Nitrous Julep.

Take Water of Cleavers 20 ounces: of Horse-Radish compound, Syrup of Marsh Mallows, each 6 ounces; Salt Prunel half an ounce; salt of Amber 2 scruples, mix.

A Golden Julep.

Take Canary Wine 1 pint; Cloves bruised half a dram; Saffron clipped small half a scruple; digest close in Balneo an hour; to the strained add Spirit of Clary (ennobled with Essence of Ambergrise) half an ounce; Spirit of Lavender compound, 1 dram; Syrup...

A Julep for Child-Bed Women.

Take waters of Baulm, and Black Cherries, each 3 ounces; of Barly Cinnamon, and Dr. Stephens's waters, and Syrup of Meconium, each 2 ounces; Liquid Laudanum 40 drops, mix.

A Julep of Propriety.

Take Canary Wine 10 ounces; Mint water 2 ounces; compound Gentian water 4 ounces; powdered Cloves 2 scruples; Spanish Angelica Root 4 scruples; give it a warm and close Infusion for 2 hours; to the strained, add Elixir Proporietatis Tartarised 2 drams,...

A Julep with Houseleek.

Take Frog Spawn Water 8 ounces; Juice of Houseleek depurated, Syrup of Lemons, each 2 ounces, mix.

A Julep with Raspberries.

Take Canary Wine 4 ounces; Orris-root sliced thin 4 scruples; infuse in a gentle heat an hour; to the strained add waters of Damask Roses 4 ounces; of Barly Cinnamon 2 ounces; Calestis, Spirit of Clary, Juice of Kermes strained, each 2 drams; Syrup of...

A Musk Julep for Children.

Take Black Cherry Water 2 ounces and half; compound Piony Water half an ounce; compound Spirit of Lavender 12 drops; Musk (ground on a Marble with Salt of Harts-horn 1 grain, and white Sugar candy 1 dram and half) 6 grains; Pearl well levigated 1 scruple,...

A Musk Julep.

Take Waters of Damask Roses 6 ounces; of Orange Flowers, Piony compound, each 1 ounce; of Barly Cinnamon 2 ounces; Calestis half an ounce; Musk, Ambergrise (both ground with Salt of Harts-horn 1 grain) each 2 grains; Saffron (clipped small, and tied up in...

A Pearl Antiphthisic Julep.

Take of our Pectoral Snail Water 8 ounces; Barly Cinnamon water 6 ounces; Syrup of Balsam 2 ounces; Pearl prepared 4 scruples; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop, mix.

A Pearl Hysteric Julep.

Take waters of Black Cherries, and Mugwort, each 3 ounces; Pennyroyal, Rue, Bryony compound, each 2 ounces; Pearl prepared 1 dram; white Sugar candy 3 drams, mix.

A Pectoral Julep.

Take Waters of Fennel 6 ounces; of Pennyroyal, Hysop, each 2 ounces; Sweet Tincture , and Tincture of Saffron (made in Treacle Water) each 1 ounce; Oil of Anniseed 12 drops; white Sugar 6 drams; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 12 drops, mix.

A Pleuritic Julep.

Take Erratic Poppy water 6 ounces; Coltsfoot Water 4 ounces; Syrup of Erratic Poppies 2 ounces; Salt of Prunel, Goats Blood, each 4 scruples, mix.

A Refrigerating Julep.

Take waters of Purslane, Borage, Wood Sorrel, each 4 ounces; Damask Rose water, Juice of Lemons (fresh drawn, clear, and not musty), 1 ounces; Syrup of Raspberries 2 ounces, mix.

A Scorbutic Julep.

Take Elder Flower water 20 ounces; Horse Radish water compound, Syrup of Elder-berries, each 6 ounces Spirit of Scurvygrass half an ounce; Oil of Sassafras 4 drops, mix.

A Splanchnic Julep.

Take waters of Cuckowpint, Fumitory, Elder Flowers, each 6 ounces; Gentian compound, magistral Worm water, Syrup of the 5 opening Roots, each 4 ounces; Tincture of Salt of Tartar 1 ounce and half; Spirit of Scurvygrass, Elixir Proprietis tartarised, each...

A Stomachic Julep.

Take Sherry Wine, Barly Cinnamon water, each 4 ounces; waters of Mint, Gentian compound, Wormwood compound, Syrup of Quinces, each 2 ounces; Oil of Cloves, Nutmegs, each 2 drops, mix. Venice Treacle 2 drams, may be added upon occasion.

A Styptic Julep.

Take Plantain water 6 ounces; Frog Spawn water 4 ounces; Syrup of Coral compound 2 ounces; Japanic Earth, Astringent Crocus of Mars, each 2 scruples; Sugar of Lead 6 grains; Liquid Laudanum 40 drops, mix.

A Temperate Cordial Julep.

Take Damask Rose Water 8 ounces; stromg Cinnamon Water 2 ounces; Rhenish Wine 4 ounces; Juice of Orange and White Sugarcandy, each 1 ounce; burnt Harts horn finely levigated 4 scruples, mix.

A Temperate Pearl Cordial Julep.

Take waters of Borage, Woodsorrel, each 4 ounces; Damask Rose, and Barly Cinnamon water, each 2 ounces; Pearl prepared 1 dram; white Sugar candy 3 drams; Oil of Nutmeg 1 drop, mix.

A Warm Pearl Cordial Julep.

Take Black Cherry, and Alexiterial Milk water, each 4 ounces; Barly Cinnamon water 2 ounces; Epidemial, compound Piony water, each 1 ounce; Pearl prepared 1 dram; white Sugar candy 3 drams, mix.

An Acid Julep.

Take pure Spring Water (boiled half away) 28 ounces, Syrup of Violets 3 ounces; Syrup of Gilly Flowers (or Raspberries) 1 ounce; Spirit of Vitriol, as much as serves to make it pleasantly tart, mix.

An Alexiterial Julep.

Take Alexiterial Milk Water, black Cherry Water, each 4 ounces; Rue Water 3 ounces; Epidemial 2 ounces; Tincture of Saffron (extracted in Treacle water) 1 ounce; Syrup of Gilly- flowers 2 ounces; Goa, and Contrayerva Stone, each 1 dram; Confection of...

An Amber Julep.

Take Waters of Parsley, and Fennel, each 4 ounces; Magistral Worm, and Horse-Radish compound Waters, each 1 ounce; Syrup of the 5 Roots 2 ounces; Salt of Amber half a Dram, mix.

An Antemetic Julep.

Take Oak Bud, and Barly Cinnamon Water, each 3 ounces; Gentian and Wormwood Waters (both compound), Syrup of lemons, each 2 ounces; Salt of Wormwood 2 scruples; Liquid Laudanum 40 drops, mix.

An Astringent Julep.

Take Waters of Plantain, and Oak Buds,each 4 ounces; Mint Water half an ounce; strong Cinnamon Water 2 ounces; Syrup of dried Roses 1 ounce and half; Diascordium, Bole, each 4 scruples; Japanic Earth 2 scruples; Oil of Nutmeg 2 drops, mix.

An Emmenagogue Julep.

Take Waters of Pennyroyal 3 ounces; of Bryony compound 2 ounces; Whitewine 6 ounces; Oil of Savine 12 drops; Oil of Cloves 8 drops; white Sugar 1 ounce, mix.

An Epileptic Julep.

Take fine powdered Bark of Peru 6 drams, and Virginia Snake Root 2 drams; Waters of Black Cherries, and Lime Flowers, each 8 ounces; of Rue and Goat's Rue, each 3 ounces; of Piony compound 2 ounces; Epileptic Tinture (after described) 3 drams; Syrup of...

An Hysteric Julep.

Take Waters of Black Cherries, Mugwort, Pennyroyal, each 3 ounces; of Bryony compound 1 ounces and half; Tincture of Castor half an ounce; Oil of Amber (ground very well together with white Sugar, 1 ounce) 24 drops, mix.