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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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1. Diuretic Pills.

Take powder'd Bees 2 dram; Salt Prunel 1 dram; Salt of Amber, Mustard seed, each half a dram; Oil of Aniseed 12 drops; Venice Turpentine sufficient to make all up into Pills for 12 Doses.

1. Purging Chalybeate Pills.

Take Ruffus's Pill 1 scruple; Vitriol of Mars 5 grains; make it up into 5 Pills with Balsm of Peru.

1. Splenetic Pills.

Take Spikenard 1 dram; Asa Foetida, Ens Veneris each half a dram; Oil of Amber 8 drops, with Balsam of Peru, reduce them into a Mass; and form 3 Pills out of every scruple.

2. Diuretic Pills.

Take Egg shells calcin'd half a dram; Camphire 1 scruple; Cantharides half a scruple; Venice Turpentine sufficient to form out of it 9 Pills.

2. Purging Chalybeate Pills, by Dr. A.

Take Gum Ammoniac (strain'd with Rhenish Wine) 2 ounces; Vitriol of Mars (calcined to a little redness) half an ounce; Scammony Sulphurated 10 drams; Oil of Mint 12 drops; Syrup of Blackthorn as much as sufficient to make all up into a Mass.

2. Splenetic Pills.

Take Ens Veneris 4 scruples; Saffron, long Pepper, Virginia Snake root, Spikenard, each 1 scruple; Galbanum 4 scruples, with Tincture of Myrrh, make 24 Pills.

Alexiterial Pills.

Take powdered Virginia Snake Root 1 dram and half; Camphire, Salt of Amber, each half a dram; thin Diascordium as much as needful; beat it up into a Mass, and make every scruple into 4 Pills.

Amber Pills.

Take Ambergrise 2 grains; Musk, Salt of Hartshorn, each 1 grain; Opium 3 grains; Balsam of Peru as much as is sufficient; bring it into three Pills for three Doses; but be sure to beat it well, that the Opium may be well divided.

Antemetic Pills.

Take powdered Mint 2 drams; Wormwood 2 scruples; Balaustines 1 scruple, Oil of Cinnamon 2 drops; Diascordium (or Venice Treacle) 1 dram; reduce into a Pilulary Mass with Syrup of Quinces.

Arthritic Pills.

Take powdered Ground Pine 6 drams Ens; Veneris 2 drams, make it up into Pills with Venice Turpentine for 16 Doses.

Astringent Pills.

Take true fine Bole, Dragons Blood in Tears, red Coral, Amber, Mastick, Astringent Crocus of Mars, each 1 dram; Oil of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, each 6 drops; make all into an Alcohol, and then with Turpentine, a pilulary Mass, out of every scruple of which form...

Balsamic Pills.

Take Millepedes prepared, 3 drams; Gum Ammoniac strained (with Spirit of Wine) 1 dram and half; Flowers of Benjamin 1 dram; Saffron, Balsam of Peru, each 15 grains; Balsam of Sulphur, enough to embody it into a Mass fit for Pills.

Bennet Pills.

Take of the very finest Aloes half an ounce; Senna 2 drams; Asa Foetida, Galbanum, Myrrh, each 1 dram; Vitriol of Mars 6 drams; Saffron, Mace, each half a dram; Oil of Amber 40 drops; Syrup of Mugwort sufficient to beat it up into a Mass of Pills, for 40...

Black Pills.

Take powder'd Elecampane, Orris, Aniseed, Sugar candy, each 1 dram; Liquid pitch 2 drams; or as much as is sufficient, make it into 36 Pills.

Cachectic Pills.

Take fine pick'd Ammoniacum in drops, pure Aloes, each 6 drams; Steel prepared with Sulphur 5 drams; Oil of Cloves and Anise, each 10 drops; Spirit of Wine (or Elixir Proporietatis tartaris'd) sufficient to reduce it to a Mass.

Camphorate Pills.

Take powder'd Liquorice, Sugar, Camphir, each 2 scruples; with Venice Turpentine, make it up into Pills.

Capillary Powder.

Take roots of Orris 1 ounce; Male Piony half an ounce; Spanish Angelica 2 drams; yellow Sanders, Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves, each half a dram; Liquid Storax, Balsam of Peru, each 4 grains; Oil of Rosemary, Lavender, each 2 drops; make all into a Powder.

Carminative Pills.

Take Gum Ammoniacum strain'd 2 scruple; Myrrh, Amber, Mastick, each 1 scruple; Olibanum, Saffron, Castor, each half a scruple; Salts of Mars (calcin'd to whiteness) half a dram; Oil of Nutmeg 8 drops; Elixir Proprietatis as much as sufficient, (323,324)...

Catarrh Pills.

Take Pil. Ruffi 1 scruple; Storax Pills 6 grains; Oil of Aniseed 1 drop; make it up into 5 Pills.

Catholic Pills.

Take Pill Cochioe the greater 1 dram; Rudius's Extract 2 scruples; Rosin of Jalap 1 scruple; Oil of Aniseed 2 drops; with Balsam of Peru, make all up into 20 Pills for 4 Doses.

Cephalic Pills.

Take Pill Foetid 15 grains; Rosin of Jalap, Castor, Salt of Amber, each 5 grains; Oil of Amber 2 drops; Spirit of Lavender compound as much as sufficient to make all up into 5 Pills.

Chalybeate Pills.

Take Cloves half an ounce; Mace, Cinnamon, each 45 grains; Virginia Snkae root, Steel prepar'd with Sulphur, each 2 dram s; Vitriol of Mars 1 dram; Oil of Nutmeg 24 drops; reduce all to a subtile Powder, and with Liquid Honey make it up into Pills of a...

Cinnaber Pills.

Take Native Cinnaber reduced into an Alcohol Humane Cranium, each 2 drams; Castor, Salt of Amber, each 1 dram; make all into an exquisite fine Powder, to which add Oil of Marjoram 12 drops; Balsam of Peru 1 dram; Syrup of Piony as much as sufficient, beat...

Cochineal Pills.

Take Cochineal 2 drams; Saffron 1 dram; with Honey bring it to a Mass for Pills.

Colic Pills.

Take Pills e duobus half a dram, Calomet half a scruple; Oil of Amber 2 drops; London Laudanum 2 grains; Diacodium as much as useful to make 5 Pills.

Crato's Pills.

Take Cubebs, Nutmeg, Cloves, Mastick, Calamint, each 1 dram; Ambergrise half a dram; Musk 6 grains; with Juice of Marjoram, make Pills.

Diaphoretic Pills.

Take Virginia Snake root 1 dram and half; Saffron, Camphire, Salt of Amber, each half a scruple; make all into a subtle Powder, of which with the thin part of Diascordium, make up 30 Pills.

Dysenteric Pills.

Take true Bole powder'd 2 drams; Oil of Paper 4 drops; Galbanum strain'd, as much as will make it into a pilular Mass. I suppose there will be need of some Syrup to bring it to a Body.

Ecphractic Pills.

Take Stomach Pills with Gum, Aloephangine Pills; powder'd Rhubarb, Gum of Guiacum, Salt of Steel, each 4 scruples; Salt of Wormwood, extract of Gentian, each 2 scrnples; Elixir of Propriety as much as need to make up a Mass for 16 Doses.

Emmenagogue Pills.

Take Venetian Borace, Myrrh, each 45 grains; Birthwort Root, Saffron, each 15 grains; Oil of Pennyroyal, Savine, Cloves, each 2 drops; with Syrup of the 5 opening Roots make 18 Pills for 6 Doses.

Expectorating Pills.

Take Gum Ammoniac strained (or rather the fine Grains of it picked out) Millepedes, each 1 dram and half; Castor, Flower of Benjamin, Salt of Amber, each half a dram Camphire, Saffron, each 15 grains, with Balsam of Sulphur beat it up into a Mass, and...

Febrifuge Pills.

Take powdered Cammomile flowers 2 drams and half; Diaphoretic Antimony 1 dram; Salt of Wormwood half a dram, with mucilage of Gum Tragacanth, make up Pills for 12 Doses.

Garlic Pills.

Take Juice of Garlic half an ounce; Gum Ammoniac 1 dram and half; Millepedes preapred 1 dram; Saffron 1 scruple; Flowers of Bemjamin half a scruple; Oil of Aniseed 4 drops; Elecampane Powder, as much as serves to give it a Pilular Consistence, mix.

Gentian Pills.

Take powdered Gentian 2 drams; Salt of Wormwood 2 scruple; Extract of Gentian 1 dram; Syrup of dried Roses as much as needs, mix.

Gilead Pills.

Take white Sugar candy powdered and searced 2 drams; the cold Species of Gum Tragacanth 1 dram; Balsam of Tolu 2 scruples; Flower of Benjamin 1 scruple; bring these to a fine powder, and with the Balm of Gilead beat it up into Pills for 12 Doses.

Guaiacum Pills.

Take Gum of Guaiacum, Aloes, each 1 dram and half; Balsam of Peru enough to make them up, mix.

Heamoptoic Pills.

Take powdered Harts Tongue leaves, as much as you please, and make it up into Pills, with Balm of Gilead.

Hydragogue Pills.

Take Gamboge powdered 12 grains; Oil of Juniper 2 drops; Mithridate as much as suffices, and make them into Pills for one Dose.

Hysteric Pills.

Take Galbbanum strained, Asa Foetida, Myrrh, each 1 dram; Castor, Camphire, Salt of Amber, each half a scruple; Oil of Amber 4 drops; Balsam of Peru as much as needs, and so beat them up. Note, if the Galbanum be of a soft Consistence, there will be no...

Icteric Pills.

Take Cream of Tartar, Cochineal, each half a dram; Venetian Soap 2 drams; beat these up into Pills. Or instead of Cochineal may be used Barbadoes Indigo.

Japanic Pills.

Take Japanic Earth powdered 2 drams; Oil of Cinnamon 4 drops; Syrup of dried Roses sufficient to make a Mass of Pills.

Myrrh Pills.

Take Myrrh 1 dram; Saffron 1 scruple; Balsam of Peru half a scruple; Yolk of Egg as much sufficient to bring all into a Mass.

Nephritic Pills.

Take Millepedes, Crude Salt Armoniac, Venetian Soap, each 2 drams; Gum of Ivy 1 dram and half; Saffron half a dram; Oil of Juniper 16 drops; make all up into Pills with Venice Turpentine.

Olibanum Pills.

Take Olibanum powdered and searced, 4 scruples; Salt of Harts born 1 scruple, with Yolk of Egg, make a Mass.

Pectoral Pills.

Take powdered Elecampane, Orris, Liquorice, each 1 scruple; Saffron, Flower of Benjamin, each half a scruple; white Sugar candy 2 scruples; make it up into a Mass with Balsam of Sulphur Anisated.

Pills for Fainting.

Take Musk 6 grains; Cinnamon, Nutmeg, each 1 scruple; Cloves, Saffron, each half a scruple; make it up for 3 Doses of Pills, with Confection of Alkermes.

Pills of Crude Mercury.

Take crude Mercury, cleansed well 6 drams; Turbith 2 drams and half; Aloes, rhubarb, Coloquintida, Diagrydium, Agaric, each 2 drams; Hermodactyls, Myrrh, Mithridate, each 1 dram and half; Musk Ambergirse, each 15 grains; Leaves of Gold 12; Venetian...

Pills of Mercury Dulcis.

Take powdered Mercury Dulcis half a scruple; Radius's Extract 15 grains; Resin of Jalap 5 grains; Oil of Cloves 1 drop; Syrup of Roses enough to make 5 Pills.

Pleuritic Pills.

Take Goat's Blood prepared 1 dram and half; Volatile Salt of Salt Armoniac (or of Hart's born) Salt of Amber, Camphire, each half a scruple, with Venice Turpentine make a Mass.

Polychrest Pills.

Take lucid Aloes, Scammony prepared, each 3 drams; Troches of Alhandal 2 drams; Mastick, Saffron, each 45 grains.

Potercus's Pills.

Take Flower of Sulphur, Liquorice, white Sugar candy, each I dram; Balsam of Sulphur enough to reduce it into a Mass.

Saffron Pills.

Take Extract of Saffron 16 grains; Flower of Benjamin 24 grains; Spanish Juice of Liquorice 2 scruples and half; Oil of Aniseed 2 drops, make with Elixir of Propriety 12 Pills.

Saline Pills.

Take Salt of Wormwood 2 scruples; Oil of Anniseed, Cloves, and Amber, each 1 drop, with Venice Tupentine make 8 Pills for 4 Doses.

Salt Gem Pills.

Take powdered Rue, long Pepper, Salt Gem, Camphire, each half a dram; Oil of Cummin 4 drops, Balsam of Peru 1 dram; Diacodium sufficient to make it into Pills.

Salt of Steel Pills the less.

Take powdered Salt of Steel 2 drams, Galbanum strained, as much as needful, and a little Syrup of the 5 Roots, all which beat up into Pills for 24 Doses.

Salt of Steel Pills, the greater.

Take Salt of Steel, Gum Ammoniac, each half a dram; Zedoary, Extract of Gentian, each 2 drams, with Syrup of the 5 Roots; make a Mass, and out of it 60 Pills.

Scammony Pills.

Take powdered Falap root, Scammony prepared, Calomel, each half a scruple, Oil of Caraway 1 drop; Honey enough to make 5 Pills. They are almost of the same Virtues with Pills of Mercury Dulcis.

Smegmatic Pills.

Take Venetian Soap 2 drams; Oil of Anniseed 8 drops; beat them up together, and make 24 Pills.

Solenander's Pills.

Take Musk 8 grains; Dragon's Blood, white Sugar, each I scruple; make all up with Balm of Gilead into Pills, for 4 Doses.

Stomachic Pills Purging.

Take Russus's Pill 1 scruple; Resin of Falap, Salt of Wormwood, each 5 grains; Oil of Wormwood, Mint, each 1 drop, with Elixir of Propriety Tartarifed, make 5 Pills.

Stomachic Pills with Ammoniac.

Take Gum Ammoniac strained, Aloes, each 1 dram; Myrrh, Senna, Saffron, each half a dram; Oxymel of Squills, as much as will bring it into a convenient Consistence.

Stomachic Pills.

Take powdered Cinnamon, Mace, Nutmeg, each 1 scruple; Cloves, long Pepper, Balaustines, each half a scruple; extract of Gentian 1 dram and half, Elixir of Propriety, as much as will reduce them into a fit Mass, whereof roll up large Pills, that they may...

Styptic Pills.

Take Astringent Saffron of Mars 2 scruples; Sugar of Lead, Camphire, each half a scruple; Oil of Amber 1 drop, make up into Pills with Venice Turpentine.

Sulphur Pills.

Take Powder of Liquorice 2 drams; Mastic 1 dram; make up Pills with Balsam of Sulphur Anisated.

Sylbius's Pills.

Take Gum Ammoniac strained 2 scruples; Vitriol of Mars (gently calcined to Whiteness) 1 scruple; Myrrh, Castor, each 15 grains; Saffron half a scruple; Troches of Alhandal 1 dram; Resin of Falap, Scammony prepared, each 1 scruple; Oil of Fennel 5...

Tar Pills.

Take hard shining Wood Soot 1 dram and half; Salt of Harts horn half a dram; Tar as much as you want to bring it into a fit Mass.

The Womens Pills.

Take powdered Savine, Dittany of Creet, each 1 dram; Myrrh, Galbanum, Gum Ammoniac, Castor, each 2 drams; make all into a Mass with Syrup of Mugwort.

Turpentine Pills.

Take Venice Turpentine (cocted in Plantain water to a due Consistence) Half an ounce; Amber, Dragons Blood, Bole, each half a dram, make Pills.

Yellow Pills.

Take Resin of Jalap 1 dram; Oil of Juniper 6 drops; Saffron 8 grains; Myrrh 12 grains, with Yolk of Egg make up 16 Pills for 4 Doses.