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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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1. Cancer Ale.

Take roots of Spanish Angelica, Burdock, Filipendula, each 4 ounces; Elecampane 2 ounces, Gentian, Virginy Snake-root, each 1 ounce; Herb Robert, Ragwort, Sage, each 4 handfuls; Scordium, Rue, each 2 handfuls; live Millepeds 1 pint, crude Antimony (broken...

2. Cancer Ale.

Take guaiacum 4 ounces; Sassaphras, roots of Sarsaparil, Sharp-pointed Docks, Filipendula, Hounds-tongue, and Walnut-tree rind, each 2 ounces; Herb Robert, Arch-angel, each 4 handfuls; Millipedes 1 pint, dispense for 4 gallons.

A Sweetening Scorbutick Ale.

Take Pine (or Firr) tops cut 4 handfuls; boil them in 5 gallons of very strong Wort to 3 gallons and a half; when its tunned up, pour into it the juices of Brooklime, Water-cresses, Dandelion, Cleavers, each 1 pint; also hang into it the following bag of...

Ale Against Scrophulae.

Take Chips of Guaiacum, Sassaphras, Walnut-tree rinds, roots of sharp pointed Dock, Filipendula and Hounds-Tongue, each 2 ounces; Herb Robert, Arch-Angel, each 4 handfuls; Raisins of the sun stoned 1 pound; live Millepedes 1 pint: Prepare all for 4...

Ale of the Woods.

Take Guaiacum, Sassaphras, each 2 ounces; yellow and red Sanders, Ivory, Harts-horn, Sarsa and China, each 1 ounce; Liquorice, Anniseed, Juniper berries, each 2 ounces; Raisins half a pound; Antimony (broken into small pieces, and tied up in a rag) 1...

An Extemporary Scorbutic Ale.

Take midling Ale 1 quart; Spirit of Scurvy grass 2 drams; Juniper berries 1 dram; Sweet fennel seed, Liquorice, each half a dram; Raisins 2 drams; keep it in a glass bottle. To these may be added Horse-Radish root 2 scruples; Winters cinnamon 4 scruples.

Antimonial Ale.

Take of the best Hungarian Antimony (grosly powder'd, and tied up in a rag) 1 pound, Fumitory and Agrimony, each 4 handfuls; put them into a bag, which hang into 4 gallons of midling Ale, after it hath done working.

Apperient Ale.

Take roots of Succory, Male-fern, Liquorice, and the 5 opening roots, each 2 ounces; Harts-tongue, Liverwort, Ground-Ivy, Tamarisk-tops, each 2 handfuls; Juniper-berries, Sweet Fennel-seed, each 2 ounces; Raisins of the sun stoned 8 ounces; prepare these...

Arthritic Ale.

Take Guaiacum, Sassaphras, each 1 ounce; Ground-pine, Germander, each 2 handfuls; boil in Wort (instead of Hops) from 6 to 4 gallons; into which hang the following bag of ingredients, to ferment.

Astringent Ale.

Take Roots of Comfery, Solomon's Seal, each 8 ounces; boil them in 6 gallons of very strong Wort to 4;strain it off, and when you Tun it up pour into it Juice of Plantain and Yarrow, each 1 pint; hang into it (in a Bag) Shepperd's Purse, Knot-grass,...

Berry Ale.

Take Berries of wild-briar (dried and bruised) half a pound, of Juniper 4 ounces, of Holly and Ivy, Seeds also of Daucus and sweet Fennel, each 1 ounce; Herbs of Marshmallows, Pellitory of the wall, Cleavers golden rod, each 4 handfuls, Raisins half...

Bitter Aromatic Ale.

Take dried Wormwood 4 handfuls, Roots of Calamus Aromaticus 1 ounce and half, Zedory 2 ounce, Spanish Angelica, Elecampane, Ginger, Galangale, Winters-bark, Cinnamon, seeds of Caraway and Coriander, each half an ounce long-pepper, Cubebs, Cardamum,...

Cephalic Ale.

Take shavings of Guaiacum and sassaphras, each 2 ounces; boil them (instead of Hops) in small Wort from 6 gallons to 4, into which hang the following bag.

Chalybeate Ale.

Take filings of needles half a pound; roots of Bittersweet 1 pound, mash them well together in a marble mortar, and put them into a bag for 4 gallons.

Chlorotic Ale.

Take Guaiacum, Sassaphras, each 2 ounces; roots of Madder, Smalage, Butchers-broom, Zedoary, each 4 ounces; Herb-Motherwort, Pennyroyal, Mugwort, each 4 handfuls; Feverfew 2 handfuls; Daucus seed 3 ounces; grains of Paradise 1 ounce; filings of steel...

Daucus Ale.

Take Daucus seed 6 ounces; Raisins 12 ounces; put them into a bag for 4 gallons.

Diuretic Ale.

Take whole Mustard seed 4 ounces; put it into a quart of Ale; after 3 or 4 days begin it; and ever as you pour out a glass keep it filled up with fresh Ale; thus do as long as the seed has any strength in it.

Epileptic Ale

Take Male-Piony roots fresh gather'd, 4 ounces; Peacocks-Dung half a pound; Raisins 12 ounces; prepare for a bag for 2 gallons.

Hydropic Ale.

Take Broom ashes (sifted from the Coals) half a pound; Roots of Horse-Radish 4 ounces; Orris, Calamus, Aromaticus, Elecampane, each 2 ounces; Guaiacum, Sassaphras, Juniper-berries, Daucus-seed, each 1 ounce; Mustard-seed, 2 ounces: Prepare all for 4...

Hysteric Ale.

Take chips of Box wood (which the turners make) half a pound, Misseltoe minc'd pretty small, 4 handfuls; boil these in 6 gallons of new Wort to 4, and when you tun it up, hang it into the following ingredients.

Icteric Ale.

Take shavings of ivory 1 ounce, white Horehound 4 handfuls; boil in 6 gallons of new Wort to 4; into which hang the under written ingredients in a bag.

Juniper Ale.

Take Juniper-berries (well bruis'd and broken) 4 ounces; Raisins half a pound; mix for 4 gallons.

Pectoral Ale.

Take roots of China 4 ounces; Sarfa, Comfrey, Liquorice, each 2 ounces; Orris, Elecampane, each 1 ounce; Shavings of Ivory, Hartshorn, Sanders yellow and red, each half an ounce; Herbs Harts-tongue, Wall-Rue, Ground-Ivy, Scabious, each 4 handfuls;...

Purging Ale for Children.

Take fine Rhubarb (cut into thin slices) 2 drams; Liquorice, Aniseed, each 2 scruples; Raisins stoned and shred 30 or 40: Put them into a glass bottle of Ale holding a quart.

Purging Ale with Antimony.

Take roots of sharp-pointed Dock 8 ounces; Polypodium, Ellecampane, each 4 ounces; Sanders, yellow and red, Juniper-Berries, each 2 ounces; Caraway-seeds 1 ounce; Herbs Scabions 8 handfuls; Liver-wort, Agrimony, each 4 handfuls; Senna 4 ounces; Rheubarb...

Purging Ale.

Take roots of sharp-pointed Dock 12 ounces; Polypodium 4 ounces; Horse-Radish 2 ounces; Herbs, Ground-Ivy, Water-Cresses, Brook-lime, Scurvy-Grass, each 2 handfuls; Sassaphras, Juniper-Berries, Coriander-Seeds, Liquorice, each 1 ounce; Senna 4 ounces;...

Purging Hydropic Ale.

Take roots of common Flower de Luce 4 ounces; Horse Radish 2 ounces; Elecampane, Squills, each 1 ounce; Mustard seed, Juniper-berries,sassaphras, each 2 ounces; Winters Cinnamon half an ounce; inner rind of Elder, and dwarf Elder, each 2 ounces; Senna 4...

Ricket Ale.

Take roots of Osmond Royal (or for want of it, Male fern) Liquorice, Sassaphras, each 1 ounce, Bark of Ash and Ivy, each half an ounce; Tamarisk-tops, Harts tongue, each 4 handfuls; live Woodlice 250, Raisins 4 ounces; prepare all for 1 gallon.

Splanchnic Ale.

Take Guaiacum, Sassaphras, each 2 ounces; boil them in water 1 gallon to 2 quarts; put the strained liquor into a cask with new strong Ale 3 gallons and a half; and hang a bag into it with the following ingredients to work together.

Spleen Ale.

Take Barks of Tamarisk 4 ounces; of Capers and Ash-tree, Woods of Guaiacum, Sassaphras, each 1 ounce; Herbs of Agrimony 4 handfuls; Wormwood, Dodder, each 2 handfuls; cut and boil these in 6 gallons of new Ale to 4 gallons, into which hang Filings of...

Warm Scorbutick Ale.

Take roots of sharp-pointed Dock half a pound; Horse-radish 2 ounces; Guaiacum 4 ounces; Juniper-berries, Orange peel, each 1 ounce; Winters bark, Mustard seed, Long pepper, Cloves, each 2 drams; Raisins 4 ounces; Scurvy grass, Brooklime, Water cresses,...