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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Aromatic Bag.

Take Cinnamon, Nutmeg, each half an ounce; Mace, Cloves, each two drams; powder all together grossly and sew up in a round bag. To these may be conveniently be added dry'd Spearmint 2 handfuls, Wormwood half a handful.

A Bag for Relaxation of the Uvula.

Take Cummin Seed 2 ounces; Orris, long Pepper, each half an ounce; make a gross Powder for a Bag.

A Bag for the Side.

Take Bay-berries, Seeds of Cummin, Fenugreek, and Camomile Flowers, each 1 handful; Bran, Salt, each 2 handfuls: This may serve to put into 2 Bags.

A Bag for the Stomach.

Take dry'd Mint half an ounce; Wormwood, Thyme, Red Rose Flowers, each 2 drams; Balaustines, Spanish Angelica Root, Caraway Seed, Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves, each 1 dram; make a course Powder for a bag.

A Cummin Bag.

Take Seeds of Cummin, Gromwel, each 2 ounces; Nigella 2 drams; Bay-Salt 6 drams; prapare for a Bag, which heat hot, and rub the Head with, and lay it hot upon the top of the Head.


Balsam called Mirabile.

Take Frankincense 2 ounces; Mastick, Cloves, Gallingale, Mace, Cubebs, each half an ounce; Aloes Wood 1 ounces; powder and mix them with Honey half a pound; Venice Turpentine 1 pound, and Brandy, as much as is usually required to extract a Tincture....

Nephritic Balsam.

Take Oil of sweet Almonds new drawn 4 ounces; Oil of white Poppy and Linseed new drawn, each 2 ounces, Oil of Nutmegs by expression half an ounce; Oil of Petre 5 drams; Balsam of Capivy 6 drams; Balsam of Peru 2 drams, Oil of Juniper 4 scruple; Oil of...

Scheffers Balsam.

Take Volatile Salt of Hartshorn and of Sal Armoniak, each 1 dram; Chymical Oil of Mace 1 scruple; highly rectify'd Spirit of Wine 1 ounce; Digest according to Art.


A Balsamic Bolus.

Take Conserve of red Roses, Lucatellus's Balsam, each half a dram; Balsam of Peru 3 drops, mix.

A Bolus for a Bruise.

Take Sperma Ceti 1 scruple; Salt of Harthorn 5 grains; Balsam of Peru 5 drops;

A Bolus of Cassia.

Take Pulp of Cassia fresh drawn 6 drams; Venice Turpentine (washed in Parsley Water) 3 drams; Powder of Rhubarb 1 scruple; Powder of Liquorice as much as wants to make it of a due consistence.

A common Purging Bolus.

Take powder'd Jalap from 1 scruple to half a dram; Scammony powder'd from 3 grains to 8; Calomel 15 grains; Oil of Aniseed 1 drop; Lenitive electuary as much as is fit to make it up with.

A Cordial Bolus.

Take Powder of a Crabs-claw compound, Goa Stone, each half a scruple; Powdered Saffron 5 grains; make it up with Confectio Alkermes.

A Chalybeate Bole.

Take Mynsichts extract of Mars half a scruple; Balm of Gilead 6 drops; Conserve of Roses 1 dram, mix.

A Hypochondriac Bolus.

Take Ens Veneris, Spikenard, each 7 grains and a half; Conserve of Borage Flowers 1 dram, mix.

A Sudorific Bolus.

Take powder'd Virginia Snake root 15 grains; Venice Treacle half a dram; Oil of Nutmegs 2 drops; Liquid Laudanum 15 drops; Diacodium as much as wanting to make it up with.

A Warm Bolus

Take running Mercury well cleansed 1 dram; grind it in a glass Mortar, with brown Sugar, 2 drams; 'till its Particles are so finely divided as to be invisible; towards the last dropping in 2 drops of Oil of sweet Almonds, to which add powdered Scammony,...

A Yellow Bolus.

Take Rhubarb (not toasted, but grated fine) from 1 scruple to 2; Oil of Cinnamon 1 drop; Diascodium sufficient to make it up.

An Hysteric Bolus.

Take Castor, Asa Foetida, each 1 scruple; Saffron 4 grains; Salt of Amber 6 grains; London Laudanum 2 grains; Oil of Amber 1 drop; Syrup of Mugwort, as much as suficeth for a Bolus, to be taken at resting time.


1. Broth of Crayfish.

Take 100 Crayfish, having pounded them alive in a Mortar, boil them in 2 quarts of Water to 1 quart and half a pint, adding towards the last 2 blades of Mace, 1 Nutmeg sliced, and old Malaga half a pint; strain it, and let the Patient sup up a draught of...

2. Broth of Crayfish.

Take the Tails of 20 Crayfish, Candied Eryngo roots 1 ounce; the bottom of a white Loaf; Raisins stoned 2 ounces; Liquorice 3 drams; boil all these in 3 pints of Water to 1 quart, and strain it.

Broth for a Consumption.

Take Conserve of Red Roses 4 ounces; Comfrey root 2 ounces; Shavings of Harts-horn 1 ounce; Maiden Hair 1 handful; Sage of Jerusalem 2 handfuls; Plantain half a handful; Raisins of the Sun 2 ounces; Dates 4; Boil these together with a chicken, the crag...

Cock Broth.

Take candy'd Eryngo roots 2 ounces; Roots of China, Scorzonera, Currants and Dates, each 1 ounce; shavings of Harts- horn and Ivory, each half an ounce; the four greater cold Seeds, each 2 drams; Maiden Hair 2 handfuls; the bottom of a stale white Loaf, a...

Consummate Broth.

Take a Capon (pick'd, drawn, and cut into pieces) Sheeps Trotters and Calves Feet, each 4; Shavings of Harts-horn and Ivory, each half an ounce; yellow Sanders 3 drams; Dates 20; Raisins of the Sun stoned 4 ounces; Pearl Barley 1 ounce; boil these in...


Purging Cakes.

Take Sweet Almonds blanch'd 6 drams; power'd Jalap root 3 drams; Rosin of Jalap half a Dram; fine Sugar 10 drams; Oil of Cinnamon 3 drops; with Mucilage of Gum Tragacanth; make it up into little Cakes for 6 Doses.