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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

Thomas Fuller published his Pharmacopeia Extemporanea in English in 1710. It caused quite a stir by giving away medical recipes previously guarded jealously by doctors. He explains his motives in The Preface.

Fuller lists some 800 recipes, divided into the following categories:

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Units of Measurement

The Pharmacopeia uses Apothecary units, some of which may be unfamiliar.

The smallest unit of weight is the grain, weighing 64.8 mg or 1/480 of a troy ounce. The equivalent unit of volume is the minim. Fuller uses the term drop which is roughly equivalent to 20 minims . The other main units are the scruple - 20 grains, and dram or drachm - 60 grains or 3 scruples.

Solid Measurements

1 pound=12 ounces96 drams288 scruples5,760 grains373 grams
1 ounce=-8 drams24 scruples480 grains31.1 grams
1 dram=--3 scruples60 grains3.89 grams
1 scruple=---20 grains1.296 grams
1 grain=----64.8 mg

Liquid Measurements

1 liquid pint=16 fl. ounces128 fl. drams384 fl. scruples7,680 minims473 ml
1 fluid ounce=-8 fl. drams24 fl. scruples480 minims29.6 ml
1 fluid dram=--3 fl. scruples60 minims3.70 ml
1 fluid scruple=---20 minims1.23 ml
1 minim=----0.062 ml

1 drop =~ 1 fluid scruple.